tilyamakeit.com (the 'Til Ya Make It organization) is named after the song, "'Til Ya Make It", written by songwriter and artist Jamie Lynn Noon.

The mission of tilyamakeit.com as an organization is to inspire lives and encourage the dreams that empower us by providing a network of hope, inspiration, and support, as well as promoting the advocacy of worthy causes close to our hearts.

Since its inception, tilyamakeit.com has contributed to several charitable causes including Susan G. Komen, Oxfam America, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative.

"tilyamakeit.com was inspired by those who found inspiration in the song." Jamie Lynn Noon

Meet the Founder

I began my career in music not knowing where it would take me. If I were to go back to where I began and forget where I am today, never would I imagine I would have been granted the opportunity to work with not only some of the most talented of people, but truly the most kind and big-hearted with endless dedication to philanthropy. Tilyamakeit.com was born when "'Til Ya Make It"—an original song I wrote in 2004—found its way onto various charitable albums. Although initially inspired by one song, I realized it was much bigger than that—it was a platform for promoting and supporting the causes which I have been grateful to be a part of.

As a singer-songwriter and the founder of tilyamakeit.com, I believe there is no cause or contribution too big or too small. Contributing music to help promote and support local and global charities is something I can do to help in a way that I know how. It is what led me to start tilyamakeit.com and continues to inspire my work.

—Jamie Lynn Noon, Founder